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Salutations, guys and gals!

We'd like to use this humble post to officially announce our first two games:

The first is called Subject 000, a game where you need to jump, run, crouch, bathe in Vaseline and dodge bullets, sharp objects, missiles and other UNSPEAKABLE DANGERS that lurk about, for as long as you can. (click in the cover below to play).

The second one is Doodle Rider, a game where you need to draw the road in order to take your little car through the city sky, dodging the evil walls that stand in your way. (cover below, click to play).
Also, we'll be posting some stuff about our horror game real soon!

Sooo, could you guys and gals have a look, spread the word and help us with opinions, tips and suggestions on how to make better stuff?

Thanks, see ya!

The Wily Pig Team

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